24 August 2011

77005820Singer Cher, of Sonny and Cher fame, has been spotted wearing a face mask while in the back of her chauffeur driven car. The 65-year-old, who has never made a secret of her bid to stay looking forever young, was spotted in the passenger seat of the Bentley with a white face mask on. Paparazzi snapped her through the window of the car as it was driven through central Malibu, California.In a recent interview, Cher revealed that a team of five dozen people are always on hand to complete her beauty regime, which takes an average of two hours each day. Cher has admitted to having face lift surgery to turn back time and keep her skin looking young. But rumours continue to circulate that she has had more cosmetic treatments than just a face lift, with many believing that she has had her eye bags removed, undergone a brow lift and has regular Botox injections to keep the lines and wrinkles at bay.