18 November 2009

Cheryl Cole is set to take over the world as her fame spreads to the United States, and leading surgeons believe that the star's stunning new look may have had a little help from cosmetic surgery.The 26-year-old star has always advocated cosmetic surgery honesty, stating that she wouldn't rule out plastic surgery and would be open about any treatments she had. Speaking to Cosmopolitan, the star said: "Ah youth - let us be young forever! No plans yet but ask me again in 10 years!" But with Cheryl's outfits and unique style attracting more international attention every week, Make Me Heal speculates that the X Factor judge may have already undergone treatments including a boob job and a nose job, while keeping her complexion free of wrinkles using Botox. Examining photos of the star, plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden stated: "it appears she underwent breast augmentation as well as a possible rhinoplasty. In addition to the body work, she may keep her face wrinkle-free with injectables such as Botox. As far as her lips, there may be dermal filler at work there as well." However, Dr Paul S. Nassif believes that Cheryl's appearance may be down to a mini-makeover. The surgeon explained: "There is the possibility of Botox here and there, but unlikely because she is still very young." Whether she has undergone surgery or not, it is clear that Cheryl Cole is making every effort to look her best.