25 January 2010

Cheryl Cole has sparked new cosmetic surgery rumours after she appeared at a London airport yesterday boasting much plumper lips than usual. The Mail reports that the X Factor star was seen sporting a noticeably larger pout, and tried to cover up her mouth with her hand. Cheryl has not commented on whether she has had fillers to make her lips fuller, but she has previously stated that she would be honest about her cosmetic surgery. The 26-year-old said: "I've got nothing against cosmetic surgery. "I mean, if someone hasn't got any boobs and having them done is going to make them a happier, more confident person, then go for it. "I wouldn't deny it if I had cosmetic surgery. I wouldn't just come out with big boobs and say, 'No, I haven't had an operation!'" However, there have previously been rumours that Cheryl may have gone under the knife on several occasions. Plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden believes that Cheryl may have had lip fillers before, as well as a possible boob job and nose job to improve her appearance. Dr Paul S Nassif also believes that the former Girls Aloud singer may have had Botox. He stated: "There is the possibility of Botox here and there, but unlikely because she is still very young." New research recently revealed that fuller lips make women look younger, so although Cheryl is still young, she may be looking to hold back the years with a little help from plastic surgery.