21 October 2011

A photograph that apparently shows pop princess Cheryl Cole with hugely inflated lips has been published online. The photograph, published by Cole herself on Twitter and picked up by Metro online, actually shows the 28-year-old posing wearing a large pair of bright red rubber lips. She also wore a pair of oversized sunglasses and tweeted jokingly about being in LA for too long. I think we've been in LA too long.. LMHO!! [laughing my head off], she wrote.Coles comments seemed to poke fun at those who take dermal lip fillers too far and end up with the so-called trout pout a look recently made famous by Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan. Cheryl Cole, who was recently dropped from the judging panel on The X Factor USA, is famous for her hair extensions but is not rumoured to have had cosmetic surgery or treatments. She did however spark a trend in liposuction to rid women of cankles where there is no definition between the calf and the ankle when she appeared apparently suffering with them.