15 June 2011

57282005The cosmetic surgery industry has noticed a boom in the number of liposuction enquiries, following publication of pictures of Cheryl Coles cankles. Cankles, a term used to describe the merging of the calf and the ankle, have been spotted on the Geordie pop star, and more real women with the same problem are opting for body-shaping surgery to give their legs increased definition. Other celebrities have been spotted with cankles and in a recent interview, television presenter Davina McCall admitted that cankles were among her worst features, along with cellulite and flabby knees. Liposuction surgery can be used to remove excess fat from the ankle area which in turn will emphasise the difference in circumference of ankle and calf, and increase bone definition in the area. Experts suggest that the same cosmetic surgery procedure can also be used to shape knees, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.