22 July 2009

China is the latest country to join a growing list of areas where the recession and competitive job markets are driving an increase in cosmetic surgery procedures. According to technology news site, China is suffering from a depressed job market ill-prepared to welcome an influx of 6.1 million new college university and vocational school graduates. In such competitive times, many are searching for ways to give boost their chances of securing employment. A 26 year old Chinese woman, dubbed Nancy, is reported to have undergone eyelid surgery, a nose job and a facelift. She told the paper that she believes the procedures will boost her performance at work where she is in constant contact with clients. She said: "I hope to become more beautiful. "It will make me more confident." Dr Zhao Jun, assistant director at the International Centre of Shanghai's Ren-ai Hospital, revealed that cosmetic surgery procedures are up 10 per cent at the hospital over the last year. He also said that young people have accounted for a lot of this growth, with many planning to make improvements on their appearances rather than stopping the ageing processes. This shows that China is experiencing a slightly different trend to the west when it comes to cosmetic surgery to improve job prospects. In the UK and America the recent increase in cosmetic procedures precipitated by the recession tend to be those designed to give people younger, fresher appearances to make it easier for them to compete with younger applicants.