24 October 2012

Officials in the city of Guangzhou, in China's Guangdong province, have announced plans to stop minors from undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures. The proposals would see an outright ban on invasive procedures for under-18s and in cases where a medical need was identified, the children's parents would need to give their consent.A decision is expected to be taken before the end of the year, and if approved, could become law early next year. A report by Channel News Asia said an estimated three million people a year have cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the country. There is concern in China that the country's youths are becoming increasingly obsessed with image and beauty, and are having surgical procedures performed when they are still too young. The move has been backed by medical experts in China as well as some of the world's leading cosmetic surgery providers such as The Harley Medical Group. Speaking to the China Daily newspaper, medical lawyer Zhao Yin said: "If approved, the regulation will be the first rule that has addressed the issue of plastic surgery for under-18s in China." See original article here: