16 April 2012

Patients considering laser hair removal should always choose a medical environment, and not a beauty salon, to ensure safety and good results. An article written by Hlne Huret and Dr Catherine Oliveres-Ghouti, published by Yahoo! lifestyle today, said: The laser is faster [than electrolysis] and allows larger areas to be treated, like legs, with some great results.The laser produces a beam of light absorbed by darker patches, or hairs in this case. Once they have been under the laser, the hair and its root are destroyed. The technology is powerful and carries its own risks, which are minimised when the permanent hair removal treatment is carried out in medical surroundings. The report read: Not only will the treatment be carried out in a controlled medical environment, but skin specialists will also be adept at using a laser. Remember that only doctors are trained to work with lasers, and beauty salons offering permanent hair removal actually use a lamp. See original story here: