20 July 2009

While this month has given us some wonderful sunshine, I have to say that July has been somewhat soured for me this year. The shocking death of Denise Hendry - wife of footballer Colin Hendry - has saddened many around the country, myself included, and the dreadful circumstances of her death only served to remind me how important it is that people know that choosing an ethical and well regulated surgeon is the ONLY way to go when electing cosmetic surgery.According to the news, Denise Hendry suffered at the hands of an incompetent liposuction operation that eventually has been held responsible for her death - a whole seven years later. What's all the more tragic is the belief that all of her problems stemmed from a liposuction procedure in which the doctor made all kinds of mistakes. I know I've written about this in the past but I can't stress often enough how important it is to make sure youre comfortable with your doctor and their qualifications before having surgery. Ask to see client recommendations, ask to see their qualifications even - an ethical doctor will understand why you want to know - after all your well-being is the most important thing - so don't feel bad for asking! It's tragic cases like Denise's that has us here at Harley, along with other ethical cosmetic surgery providers, hoping and campaigning for increased cosmetic surgery regulations across the field.