Christie Brinkley reveals skincare mistakes she’s made

Christie Brinkley reveals skincare mistakes she’s made

25 April 2016

Christie Brinkley reveals skincare mistakes she’s made

At 62 years young, supermodel Christie Brinkley could easily pass for someone 20 years her junior. But is she just blessed with good genes or is it down to years of careful skincare routines? Having worked in the industry for over 40 years, it’s no wonder Christie has become a skincare expert – but even she has made some mistakes in her time.

We’ve all made blunders when it comes to our skin and Christie is no exception, revealing all in a recent interview.

Having grown up as a Malibu surfer girl, Christie recalls how she spent days baking in the sun without any SPF – something she now regrets.

“The number one thing I wish I hadn’t done was baked myself in the sun”, she said.

It’s an easy enough mistake to make but it’s important to wear SPF daily, especially if you’re going out in the sun as it’s all too easy for harmful UV rays to cause lasting damage to your skin.

Another skincare regret of Christie’s is her former smoking habit. “As a teenager, I started to smoke, but I stopped, and thankfully I did that. That’s horrible for your skin”, she explained.

She’s since learned from her mistakes and offers some of her top skincare tips to help you achieve flawless and covetable skin. These include drinking lemon water in the morning, and exfoliating.

So what makes these so good? Lemon water provides your skin with many benefits, such as increasing your vitamin count, cleansing and purifying toxins, and improving your immune system.

As for exfoliation, it’s a must for removing the build-up of dead skin cells and promoting accelerated cell turnover for smoother, brighter skin.

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