15 February 2013

I'm hurt...Christie Brinkley has denied claims that her daughter Alexa Ray Joel has undergone breast augmentation surgery. Rumours first started when singer/songwriter Alexa stepped out at a recent fashion show and appeared to be far curvier than usual, the Daily Mail reports.However, 59-year-old actress Christie claimed her daughter was a late bloomer and has simply grown into her natural curves. Speaking to TV host Anderson Cooper, she said: “She's totally natural, look at her. She happens to be endowed very generously.” Christie explained Alexa used to be teased about her looks when she was younger, but she has now grown into a beautiful woman. “My daughter Alexa, we call a late bloomer and she has blossomed so stunningly,” she stated. Alexis’s father is the singer Billie Ray Joel and she has performed at many different charity and fashion events in New York City. Read the full story here: