21 December 2009

The clinics and offices are buzzing with festive cheer at the moment and I'm wondering if we're going to be getting a white Christmas this year. I hope so! There's nothing like feelings as though you've stepped out of a Christmas card. While this time of year is one for celebrating, I know it's one where people can sometimes find themselves feeling self conscious about the way they look. While the summer holds its own body challenges, from sun burned and damaged skin to bikini-on-the-beach fears, so does the festive period. It's a time of year full of parties, reunions and family gatherings, so it's little surprise that people are hoping to look their best. Many people have been popping in for non surgical solutions in the run up to Christmas, as they use wrinkle relaxing injections and facial peels to ensure they look fresh faced for the big day. Then there are the party animals who have been opting for fillers in their feet so that they can carry on dancing in their heels for longer. We've also had quite a few people taking advantage of our gift vouchers and promotions in the run up to Christmas as they search for a gift that carries on giving. Personally I'm glad I've been running around doing so much last minute shopping this year, it must mean I'm due a few extra chocolates from the Christmas tree and an extra glass of wine or two! Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you enjoy everything you are hoping for this festive period.