01 November 2010

Every year the complaints from my mum are the same, 'why do they have the Christmas treats in the shops, Halloween isn't even over yet?' she cries. And I have to say, I do see where she's coming from - it seems as though we're barely coming to terms with saying good bye to the sun when the Christmas carols start sneaking onto sound systems. On the other hand, while it may be a little early to begin planning your wish list for Santa or start preparing your Christmas menu, it's now the ideal time of year to get your Christmas beauty regime on the go. For example, if you're hoping for smooth, hair-free skin to help you feel confident in your party dress, this is the ideal time to get started on a course of laser hair removal treatments. You need a few sessions to get the best result, so starting this month could be ideal for making sure you're fuzz-free for the party season. It's a good idea to book other non surgical treatments with plenty of time to spare too, as you want to make sure things like skin peels and wrinkle relaxing injections have had time to settle before you start applying the slap. Whether you're thinking of some treatments to bring a little Christmas cheer to yourself or you're thinking of treatments for your friends or family, this could be just the right time to have a look at our gift vouchers and promotions - good deals and bargains are always a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.