06 December 2010

The fast approaching Christmas season has caused an upswing in the number of people booking themselves in for cosmetic surgery and non surgical solutions. Figures from The Harley Medical Group show a 35 per cent surge in the number of appointments booked in the month before Christmas and that the most popular surgical treatments in the run up to the 2010 festive season have been: breast enlargement, nose reshaping, and liposuction procedures.The research also found many patients are extending their Christmas holidays to ensure they've made a full recovery and that many consider their cosmetic treatments as an early Christmas present to themselves. Lisa Littlehales, a clinic manager for the group, explained that many patients spend a year saving up for their treatments and often add their Christmas bonuses into the total. Family and close friends also often contribute money to cosmetic surgery for their loved ones too, especially when they understand how much the surgery will mean to the recipient. Lisa continued to say: "Many of our patients say their confidence and self-esteem is much higher post-surgery and means they can start the New Year with a fresh new image." The news follows the recent revelation that younger women are more interested in cosmetic surgery and treatments than their older counterparts. A survey by beauty brand Olay found that the number of people most likely to consider cosmetic procedures was highest in the 18-35 age group.