24 January 2014

epilationPregnant singer Ciara, who recently got engaged to boyfriend Future, has spoken out about her fashion and beauty secrets. Never one to look anything less than perfection, the soon-to-be-mum has admitted to undergoing Laser Hair Removal in the past in a bid to stay hair free permanently. Speaking to, she said: I like pain sometimes. Its a good pain, but then when you start really getting rid of the hair, it starts getting a little more painful.Laser Hair Removal is an effective treatment for permanently removing unwanted hair. It is safe to use on all skin and hair types, and is especially valuable for those suffering with excessive hair growth because of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). The treatment involves a laser to penetrate the skins epidermis and target the underlying hair. The light is absorbed by the hairs pigment, which destroys the follicle and prevents further regrowth, leaving the skin smooth and hair free. A course of at least four treatments is usually recommended to ensure that hair reduction is permanent. When asked whether she would consider having Laser Hair Removal again, Ciara answered: It actually worked out cool. So will I do it again? Yes.