06 January 2012

Former model Cindy Crawford was spotted at a recent Los Angeles Lakers basketball game looking visibly fuller faced. According to, a board certified dermatologist believes it is due to Crawford having had dermal fillers in the face. “Her cheeks are a lot fuller. She definitely had something injected in her cheeks,” dermatologist Ben Behnam said. He continued: “They’re designed to give people higher cheekbones. It’s very popular in the industry and her cheeks are visibly higher and fuller.”Dr Benham also stated that the 45-year-old appears to have had Botox injections: “Her eyebrows are also higher than before. She probably used Botox to raise the brow. “Something else that’s different is she doesn’t have the definition in her jaw area, which could just be because she’s getting older,” he added. However, Dr Benham noted that injections are usually done over a number of months and the effects can stay for years, meaning it is difficult to tell whether Crawford has had them or not.