17 March 2014

Botox to foreheadBotox can do wonders for the appearance but only if it is administered by a practised professional. That's the conclusion of an article on Fashiontimes.com, which quoted the Dermatologist responsible for helping 48-year-old Cindy Crawford stay at the top of the modelling world for three decades. Paris-based Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh said: "Botox is an amazing treatment for mechanical ageing where the face is over-expressive, leading to wrinkles which we simply couldn't treat before."He added however, that people need to ensure that their skincare regime suits their age which means that he won't recommend Botox to patients who, in his professional opinion, are too young. "If a patient comes to see me in their early 20s, it is quite likely we will not start treatment at this stage, but it does allow me to see potential problem areas that may contribute to the face ageing prematurely over the coming years," he said. At this stage, quality firming creams should be allowed a chance to work, but, Dr Sebagh concluded, after a certain age, these may only improve the texture of the skin, whereas Botox, other injectables and collagen can be effective to help restore its elasticity. -Have you undergone effective treatment for your fine lines and wrinkles? Let us know on Facebook.