Cindy Crawford talks Anti-Ageing and Skin Care

Cindy Crawford talks Anti-Ageing and Skin Care

9 October 2014

Supermodel Cindy Crawford looks amazing for her age (she turns 50 in 2016) – but then again, she always has. Although partly down to her excellent genes, she also devotes a lot of time to taking care of her skin, body and overall health. How does she do it? The supermodel herself reveals all below:

  • Skin Care

Cindy Crawford applies SPF day cream religiously, boosting her regime with a cleanser day and night. She’s also a fan of Medical Microdermabrasion to keep her skin looking young, clear and wrinkle-free.

She says: “What I think is true is that [results are] cumulative. When a 35-year-old starts taking care of her skin she won’t look different. It’s when you’re my age that you start seeing the payoff”.

  • Anti-Ageing

The supermodel exudes confidence, advising that as you get older, it’s no use worrying that you no longer look the same as you used to. It’s all about embracing the here and now.

“The secret is that there’s no secret. Do all the stuff we know: Don’t smoke, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, find what makes you happy.”

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