City or country-dwellers – who ages faster?

City or country-dwellers – who ages faster?

18 December 2015

The country life is altogether a lot more relaxing than life in the fast-paced city. And it’s not the only benefit because new research has revealed that those who live in the country age more slowly.

The findings show that living in a polluted city has an ageing effect on skin, with people gaining an extra six months by the time they are 40. And at the age of 60, the average city-dweller can expect to look two and a half years their senior.

The results were determined by initial research undertaken in China, where a Dermatologist found that women who lived in the most polluted areas looked around 10 per cent older than those who lived in the country. The data was then extrapolated based on UK pollution levels.

Interestingly, London did not come out on top as the most polluted area – with Port Talbot in Wales taking the top spot, followed closely by Swansea, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Wigan, where people can expect to look 41 or older by their 40th birthday.

These results mean it is more important than ever for everyone, particularly those who live in a city, to adopt a skin care regime consisting of daily cleansing, toning and moisturising to keep skin in tip top condition and prevent premature ageing.

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