18 March 2011

Actress Claire Danes has championed the increased choices that women have these days, in everything from hair colour and make-up to cosmetic surgery. The 32-year-old, who has recently become the face of Latisse, an eyelash growth product, talked frankly to online fashion magazine Stylelist in an interview published yesterday. Speaking to the magazine about cosmetic surgery, Danes said: I'm really fortunate in that I'm still quite young, and can get away with a lot, and my body is very forgiving. We'll see how things progress. I think it's great that women have so much choice now and choice in products that are backed by science. As long as people are aware of potential risks, and they're working closely with a doctor, I say go for it. Danes has recently filmed a pilot for a television show named Homeland, and she is waiting to see if it is picked up by the American networks. In the meantime, she says she is taking a breather from acting, having been on stage and screen since the tender age of 15.