13 March 2014

Doctor's hand with scalpelA full-faced and clear-skinned Renee Zellweger sparked lots of speculation over whether she had undergone Cosmetic Surgery after her appearance at a San Francisco charity event this week. Photographed in the full glare of podium lights at the 'do', the 35-year-old Bridget Jones' Diary star's flawless complexion as well as the look of her brow bones and lips prompted celebrity gossip website TheGloss.com to speculate over how she had managed to change her appearance.Writing on the site, Samantha Escobar said: "I saw the photo labeled Renee Zellweger [and] was genuinely perplexed. Girl looks different." (sic). "It's not as though she doesn't look lovely ... but I am so confused about how different she looks. Her eyes have a very different shape, as do her brow bones and lips." Ms Escobar added: "But even with stars, relatives and acquaintances whom I see photos of from five decades prior, I can still recognise them. I am just a little taken aback at how genuinely unconvinced I was of the caption Renee Zellweger. - Take a look at the pictures yourself do you think Renee has had Cosmetic Surgery? Tweet us your thoughts.