28 November 2008

Though the economy is looking bleak and many people are cutting back on spending, cosmetic surgery clients are continuing to hunt for cheaper cosmetic options.

Many patients are now looking for non-surgical skin treatments that cost less, so many surgeons are recommending fillers and skin treatments to patients.

In the light of this, three doctors in Georgia in the USA have picked their favourite skin treatments for penny pinching surgery fans.

For a wrinkle-fighting procedure, Dr. David Brothers said cosmetic fillers often deliver great results while Dr. Gabrielle Sabini, a dermatologist, recommends what she calls a "tried and true" wrinkle fighter to her patients - Botox.

"For the frown line on your head here, for the wrinkles around you eyes, Botox is better than plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons may do a facelift, and then they'll still do Botox," said Sabini.

The average price of Botox is around 200 and the results last around four to six months.

What's more, for those who have suffered from brown age spots, many dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons recommend chemical skin peels.

"These chemical peels can make a big difference for people who have got a lot of sun damage," said Dr. Rutledge Forney who recommends the procedure to her patients.

The procedure itself can often take multiple appointments to complete, but patients can break up the cost, making it more affordable.