Coconut oil doesn’t just taste good; it also has great skin benefits

Coconut oil doesn’t just taste good; it also has great skin benefits

1 September 2016

Coconut oil doesn’t just taste good; it also has great skin benefits

Coconut oil is a not-so-recent craze that has swiftly made its way into the mainstream. Whether you’re using it for cooking or skincare, it offers some great beauty benefits. Here’s why we rate it so highly.

  • Moisturiser

For a non-pore clogging moisturiser, you can’t go wrong with coconut oil. Studies have shown its abilities to fight fine lines and wrinkles – and as it’s so light it can be used as an all-over body and face cream.

  • Deodorant

Looking for an easy way to prevent sweating? Coconut oil is packed with lauric acid which is great for busting BO-causing bacteria. Simply mix a spoonful together with the same amount of bicarbonate of soda and apply directly to your underarms.

  • Cellulite-buster

Cellulite affects many women at some point in their lives and while not dangerous, it can cause embarrassment for the sufferer. Eliminate it by making up a coconut oil scrub. Mix together two teaspoons of oil with sea salt and ground coffee then buff it into your skin. The mixture will help to stimulate the production of collagen in your skin as well as strengthen the tissues to give you smoother, dimple-free skin.

  • Makeup remover

The act of removing makeup can play havoc with your skin, particularly if you have to rub or pull the delicate area around your eyes. With coconut oil, removing makeup is so easy you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. Douse a cotton wool pad in a little oil and your makeup will simply melt away. Don’t forget to follow this up with your usual skincare routine to prevent greasy-face syndrome.

  • Acne fighter

The lauric acid found in coconut oil contains antibacterial properties that help to reduce the redness and inflammation of your spots, as well as prevent bacteria from spreading. Apply a tiny amount of coconut oil directly to your spots and watch them reduce and fade, leaving you with clearer skin.

  • Highlighter

Looking for an instant glowy sheen but don’t want to fork out for expensive highlighting products? Daub a little coconut oil onto your brow bones, cupids bow and at the top of your cheekbones for an effortlessly enviable dewy complexion.

  • Prevent stretch marks

Stretch marks commonly develop as a result of significant weight gain, which explains why they’re so commonly experienced during pregnancy. Forget your fancy stretch mark creams – Channing Tatum reportedly rubbed coconut oil over his wife’s tummy during her pregnancy to prevent them from appearing. Hey if it’s good enough for celebs, it’s good enough for you!

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