28 July 2009

Actress Fay Ripely has revealed that she is considering wrinkle relaxing Botox injections in a bid to help her career. Fay shot to fame in 90s comedy drama Cold Feet and is currently starring in new ITV1 drama Monday Monday, but she has said that she is worried that if she doesn't do something to stop the aging process she might find herself not being offered television roles. Speaking to The People, Fay revealed that she is interested in having the non surgical procedure to eliminate the wrinkles in her face. She said: "I really need it and I haven't had it - it's a nightmare. Amanda Holden looks bloody brilliant, she didn't need it. "I don't really want the award for being the wrinkliest actress on telly so I suppose I should have it at some point. "I am not flying any flag for older women. The only reason I haven't done it so far is that I'm too embarrassed." However, the 43 year old actress also asserted that her career was dependant on her looks to an extent. She also added that, although roles tend to be harder to clinch as you get older, she is happy with her career to date. Since becoming a household name following her appearance on Cold Feet, Fay has enjoyed roles in a host of shows such as Reggie Perrin, Hustle, Bon Voyage and New Tricks. According to the Daily Mail, her new role in Monday Monday is an edgy and challenging addition to her repertoire.