Common breast reduction surgery questions answered

25 September 2013

92191276A Phoenix plastic surgeon with more than 25 years’ experience has been debunking myths surrounding breast reduction. Dr Steven Turkeltaub specialises in helping women who struggle with breasts disproportionately large for their figure. Although he says there are many misunderstandings prior to surgery, he states the satisfaction rate in women who have had breast reduction surgery is extremely high. According to the doctor, it even exceeds that for women who have had a breast augmentation.For this reason, Dr Turkeltaub has sought to clarify some important points in a blog titled Top Five Breast Reduction Myths:Recovery from breast reduction is extremely painful“In general, recovery from a breast reduction is relatively short and quite manageable (and usually far more tolerable than recovery from a breast augmentation).”Breasts will remain saggy following a breast reduction“Significant weight fluctuations can accelerate stretching and drooping. If a woman maintains her weight and wears a supportive bra, the results of a breast reduction can last longer.”Breast reduction causes a total loss of nipple sensation“A vast majority of patients, in my experience, retain most if not all of their nipple sensation following breast reduction surgery.”A woman cannot breastfeed after breast reduction surgery“The ability to breastfeed after a breast reduction is dependent upon a multitude of factors... I am aware of several patients of mine who had children subsequent to their breast reduction and who were [still] able to breastfeed.”