15 April 2011

The rumour mill is fuelled by willing and unwilling celebrities and celebrities in turn often get much needed publicity thanks to the rumours the mill churns out. And one of the favourite subjects to be fed in is whether or not so and so has had cosmetic surgery, Botox or another non-surgical treatment, and with these questions come common myths about the industry.Face lifts are for the rich and famous while this used to be the case, thanks to a variety of methods, including the quick facelift which makes use of keyhole surgery techniques, more and more ordinary people are opting for this as a way to rejuvenate their appearance. Botox is only used to plump up fine lines and wrinkles while this is the primary use of the toxin and the one that everyone knows it for, Botox can also be used to tackle deep frown and smile lines, as well as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and migraines too. Fat removal surgery is a weight loss tool Liposuction and other fat removal techniques were not designed to be a quick way for the obese to lose weight. Any reputable and ethical clinic will advise overweight people to change their diet and embark on an exercise regime before theyll consider performing this type of surgery.Nose jobs are performed purely for cosmetic reasons - While this is the case for many patients, nose reshaping surgery is also regularly performed on those who have breathing difficulties as a result of a misshapen nose or other defect. Dermal fillers are just used to plump up lips Yes, they are used for this purpose but can also be used to make cheeks more prominent and change the shape of the face. It is popular with those who have lost fullness in the face due to the natural ageing process or because of medical treatment for serious illnesses. There are many other rumours that any ethical and reputable clinic will be able to confirm or deny for those people who are interested in cosmetic surgery procedures.