03 October 2012

A survey has revealed many women are worried their partner will discover they wax or bleach their moustache. Conducted by home hair colour brand Nice 'n Easy, the research asked women whether they have any beauty secrets that no one knows about.Some 23 per cent revealed no one knows the extent of the efforts they go to when it comes to making themselves look beautiful, with 94 per cent saying waxing or bleaching their moustaches is the beauty ritual they would most like to keep secret. While 90 per cent said they dont want anyone to know they wax their bikini line, 79 per cent are secretive about the fact they apply fake tan and 41 per cent would prefer people not to know they pluck their eyebrows. Psychologist and psychotherapist Rachel Shattock Dawson said: Some women prefer to keep these activities behind closed doors to keep the romance alive and to appear more naturally sexy and attractive to their partners. Read the full story here: