28 January 2014

c0030716tsA renowned Beverly Hills-based Cosmetic Surgeon has said that, of the many procedures he is asked to perform, Otoplasty or Ear Reshaping surgery to correct ears which protrude is the one which usually has the most positive results. Despite many prominent and famous people including President Barack Obama, and actors Will Smith and Clark Gable - being notable for having protruding ears, they "can become problematic if they affect the self-confidence of the person to whom they belong", said Dr Payam Jarrah-Nejad, who is widely known in his profession as 'Dr J'."In most cases, ears that 'stick out' are a genetic trait, however, prominent [shaped] ears can result from an injury," says the Surgeon. But he adds: "No matter what the cause of protruding ears, the effects of Otoplasty can be utterly remarkable." In the most complex cases, says Dr Jarrah-Nejad, cartilage is grafted from the rib cage, and carefully moulded into a shape which can form an underlying structure for the new ear. In many cases, "the reconstructed ears will appear natural, and blend effectively with the rest of the face," he concludes.