Cosmetic cushioning op lets New York woman wear her favourite heels

07 August 2012

A shoe fanatic from New York has had cosmetic treatments to her feet so that she can continue to wear her favourite designer heels. Charmaine Gumbs, of Brooklyn, New York, was featured on top-rating TV show Good Morning America after admitting that, before having her treatment, her passion for fashion was causing her extreme pain.She had even not worn some of her high-heeled favourites because she had been afraid of the pain which might be caused by her standing in the heels. But then, she went to a cosmetic surgeon, who injected a biodegradable cushioning into her foot, which used material similar to that for dermal fillers. According to the surgeon who carried out the treatment, Dr Suzanne Levine, a foot specialist at the Institute Beaute in New York, the filler will last for about nine months. And while others may think she has gone to great extremes for the sake of being able to wear shoes which are the height of fashion, Gumbs says: "Not when you love shoes".