Cosmetic gynaecology expert warns of dangers of medical tourism

28 September 2011

ks142403A cosmetic surgery specialist has urged people to think twice before choosing to have procedures carried out by second-rate clinics in a bid to save money. An increasing number of people are opting to go abroad to have operations carried out, a trend that has been labelled medical tourism. But professionals are warning that trusting a doctor who may not be properly certified could lead to complications during and after the operation.Dr Mark Scheinberg, a cosmetic surgery expert from Florida who specialises in vaginoplasty, stressed that aftercare following an operation in a foreign country usually isn't straightforward. He said: "Choosing the surgeon is one of the most important decisions a patient makes. The patient's health and well-being should be a higher priority than saving a few dollars on a surgery that could go wrong." According to business research and consulting firm Frost and Sullivan, the medical tourism industry was worth around $78.5bn at the end of 2010 and that is expected to grow to $100bn by 2012. But despite the increasing popularity of heading abroad for treatment, Dr Scheinberg warned people not to go in blind. He said: "Patients should do their research and find out as much as they can about the procedure. It is important to learn about the treatment before diving into it, so a patient can know what to expect."