06 May 2011

A wise man once said to me dont take any risks when it comes to your heart or your eyes and I might add all things gynaecological to that short list too. For many women, their face and figure is the key to self-confidence and this goes further than just a face of makeup or a good hairstyle. Some women find body confidence from having breast reduction surgery or breast implants, while others opt for liposuction to sculpt their silhouettes and look as good as they feel. For others, feeling happy and confident is about something much more personal and yet something which is becoming less and less of a taboo as it is written about and talked about by more and more women. Being open about cosmetic gynaecology (or designer vagina if were being colloquial) is the first step towards realising that while all forms of surgery carry risk, there is no shame in wanting to make a very private part of your body look its best and to feel completely comfortable with every inch of your body after all, you are at your most vulnerable when youre naked. And its not just self esteem that drives women to vaginal tightening or labial reduction surgery, it can be out of a need to deal with a physically uncomfortable problem. Finding a responsible cosmetic surgery provider is the first step if youre considering cosmetic gynaecology. It is essential to feel completely confident in your surgeon and the only way to achieve this is by attending a consultation and getting all worries, concerns and questions off your chest. But while youre here, below are the answers to some frequently asked questions on the subject: Is the surgery becoming more widespread? Yes. In 2008-2009 for example, The Harley Medical Group had 870 enquiries for cosmetic gynaecology, of which 566 booked in for labial reduction surgery. 2009-2010 saw a 256 per cent increase on bookings when compared to the previous year. In 2010, the Group received more than 5,000 enquiries. Why do women choose to have the surgery? For many different reasons but the main three are to improve appearance and feel more confident in themselves, to feel comfortable when wearing tight fitting clothing and swimwear, and to rejuvenate the area and improve sexual gratification. Is it only women who have had babies that have the surgery? Absolutely not. There is a wide range of women who choose the procedure, from all different age groups and for all different reasons. How long is the recovery time? This varies for each person but you should be able to return to work after one week and your surgeon will advise you on when you can resume sexual intercourse and exercise.