21 September 2011

stk204189rkeThe false belief that breastfeeding will adversely affect the breasts of a woman who has undergone an augmentation procedure is preventing some mothers from feeding their babies successfully. New research claims 86 per cent of mothers with breast implants, who were unsuccessful at breastfeeding, all believed the process would negatively affect the look of their chest. The study suggests it was this false belief that prevented them from feeding properly.The findings of the report, The Perceived Effect of Breastfeeding on Breast Aesthetics: Does it Affect Breastfeeding Success in Women with Breast Augmentation, are due to be presented at the annual conference of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) which starts in Denver on Thursday. Dr Norma Cruz, study author, said: "If a woman believes that breastfeeding will adversely affect her breast appearance, she decreases her chances of successful breastfeeding. "This misconception is unfortunate. Reassuring women that breastfeeding won't harm their breast appearance, and that it has significant health advantages for both mother and baby is vitally important." A total of 160 breast augmentation patients took part in the survey. Of the 63 women who did manage to feed their child successfully, only 13 per cent were of the belief it would negatively impact the look of their bust.