18 October 2013

Consultant and female patientTaking care to find the right practitioner to carry out line and wrinkle injectables makes a big difference to the end results. That comes from a leading cosmetic surgery expert based in Miami, Florida, one of the most popular cities in the world for line and wrinkle treatments. Dr Leslie Baumann has issued a "buyer beware" warning to anyone tempted to take up an offer of a line and wrinkle treatment from someone who isn't a medical professional, specifically qualified to carry out such cosmetic treatments.He warns that injectable treatments carry the risk of muscle impairment if they are not administered correctly. "But", he adds, "perhaps the most important thing to know is that theres an artistic aspect to using injectables, and its imperative that the doctor [has] enough experience with the anatomy of the face to know where and how to inject." Dr Baumann suggests that anyone considering such an injectable procedure should consult an expert with at least five years' experience of administering such treatments.