Cosmetic Surgeon discloses real reasons behind ‘Designer Vagina’ procedures

Cosmetic Surgeon discloses real reasons behind ‘Designer Vagina’ procedures

30 January 2015

‘Designer Vaginas’ have been the subject of much discussion in recent months. Contrary to what we’ve been led to believe in the media however, Cosmetic Surgery on the vagina is not undertaken by vain women obsessed with pornography.

The women having these procedures do so due to having long suffered from a range of problems, leading to physical and emotional distress.

The procedure involves reducing the size of the patient’s labia to bring them back to a more comfortable size. An increase in demand for ‘Designer Vagina’ surgery (Labiaplasty) is due to increased knowledge and awareness of the procedure as well as widespread availability.

One Cosmetic Surgeon has spoken out about the real reason women are increasingly requesting Labiaplasty. He said: “Most are having the procedure for functional reasons or because they have been traumatised by having labia that are misshapen or low-hanging.

“Some will never enter into a relationship for fear of a partner seeing their genitalia, while others cannot undress in public or wear a bikini.

“One lady used tampons to keep her labia inside because they were hanging down below her underwear,” he continued.

Labiaplasty can help these women to not only feel more comfortable on a daily basis but also to regain their confidence and live normally again.

The Cosmetic Surgeon added that he hoped people would start to realise that Labiaplasty is available to help them, rather than being the controversial procedure it has until now been shown as.

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