Cosmetic Surgeon discusses Abdominoplasty surgery

Cosmetic Surgeon discusses Abdominoplasty surgery

30 May 2015

Abdominoplasty (also known as Tummy Tuck surgery) is a Cosmetic Surgical procedure to remove loose excess skin from a patient’s abdomen. Typical candidates are those who have had their stomach skin stretched during pregnancy or as a result of dramatic weight gain and loss. It is commonly performed in conjunction with Liposuction to remove stubborn pockets of fat from the area. But what can you expect from this procedure? One Cosmetic Surgeon tells all.

1. So you’ve had the procedure – what can you expect to notice straightaway?

Common side effects noticed immediately after surgery are:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Minor discomfort around the stomach


2. When will the swelling go down?

Nevada-based Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Tiffany McCormack explains that any swelling generally subsides by 75 per cent within the first six weeks post-surgery, and patients are given medication to combat any pain they may feel from the procedure.


3. How soon can you resume daily activities?

During the recovery process, patients are recommended to start walking around as soon as they are able, to speed up healing. Any heavy lifting or strenuous physical activities need to be avoided for up to eight weeks following surgery but patients are able to resume their daily activities and working life around two weeks after the operation.


4. How can you hide post-surgery scars?

Dr. McCormack explains: “Any potential scarring from tummy tuck surgery generally begins to fade after about two to three months and may take up to two years before reaching its final appearance.”

Despite this, it’s possible to hide the scar underneath your clothes, even your bikini and underwear.


5. Is recovery the same for all patients?

Recovery varies from patient to patient and you’ll be given a personalised outcome in your aftercare follow-up appointments with the specialist.


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Image Credit: Andrei_md/ iStock/ Thinkstock