Cosmetic Surgeon discusses treatments and procedures for men by age

Cosmetic Surgeon discusses treatments and procedures for men by age

13 October 2014

It’s not only women whose self-confidence and self-esteem suffers with age – with many men choosing to undergo Cosmetic Surgery to help turn back the clock. The question is which procedures are men turning to, and at what age?

  • In your 30s

It goes without saying that 30-something year old men should take care to apply sunscreen every day, avoid excessive exposure to the sun and adopt a Skin Care regime. At this age, you may be interested in undertaking Non Surgical solutions such as Line & Wrinkle treatment to reverse any signs of premature ageing.

  • In your 40s

By the time you reach your forties, you may be dealing with loss of elasticity and sagging skin, contributing to the formation of pronounced jowls and laughter lines. You can erase these with the help of Line & Wrinkle treatment and use Dermal Fillers to replace any lost volume in your face.

  • In your 50s and beyond

Once you’ve reached your fifties, any sagging and lost volume you noticed in your forties is likely to be more obvious now. It’s at this stage of your life that many Cosmetic Surgeons would recommend having a Facelift to help correct a multitude of factors relating to ageing in one procedure.

Whichever approach you take to Anti-Ageing, it is advisable to always be realistic and aim to look as natural as possible.

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