21 October 2011

An American cosmetic surgeon has decided to donate all the money he will earn from carrying out Botox, Juvederm and skin care treatments next Tuesday to a breast cancer charity. Dr Jaime Schwartz, who works at the Bright Health Physicians of PIH Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine Center in Whittier, California, has planned the event to coincide with breast cancer awareness month.According to a report by the New York Daily News, Dr Schwartz specialises in breast reconstruction for women who have suffered from cancer. He wants all the money raised during the day to go to pay for mammograms for women who would not otherwise be able to afford the cancer screening sessions. He said: "Breast cancer affects one in eight women. All women should start as early as possible performing self-exams and should ask their physicians for help in performing correctly. "There are many breast cancer charities out there, but this one directly offers free mammograms to uninsured or underserved women. Given the economic climate and the amount of uninsured people in the US, many women are putting off getting mammograms and other preventative screening exams." The fundraising event is due to take place on Tuesday, October 25.