Cosmetic Surgeon explains benefits of Tummy Tucks

15 July 2014

They say that exercise is good for the mind and the body Ė but what happens when it doesnít seem to shift that dreaded Ďspare tyreí?All too often Cosmetic Surgeons will have patients come to them begging for a solution that will enable them to achieve a slim-line physique, and while many advocate working out as the best form of slimming down, sometimes rigorous exercise is not enough to target stubborn areas of fat: which is where Tummy Tucks come in. However, unlike other Cosmetic Surgical procedures, a patientís request for a Tummy Tuck doesnít just boil down to getting rid of unwanted fat. Reasons cited by those wanting a Tummy Tuck include:
  • Dissatisfaction with the appearance of their abdomen
  • Annoying areas of flab
  • Loose/excess skin
  • Embarrassed by their stomach shape.
While many will follow a strict workout routine in the hope of flattening their mid-sections, for the majority of cases, having a Tummy Tuck ends up being a last resort Ė but with positive results. From those who have had numerous pregnancies to being overweight for a number of years, there are instances when diet and exercise alone is not a solution. While itís unavoidable that ageing, having a child and various life experiences can certainly impact on the abdominal structure, with a little help of Cosmetic Surgery, Tummy Tucks can help return a personís body to a similar, streamlined shape. Are you pro-Tummy Tuck? Vote now on Facebook.