Cosmetic Surgeon explains best Liposuction candidates

31 July 2014

For years Liposuction has incorrectly been portrayed as the go-to procedure for those seeking weight loss – now, Dallas Cosmetic Surgeon Rod J. Rohrich has released a new book in which he explains some simple tests that prospective Liposuction patients can do to determine whether or not they are suitable for this Cosmetic Surgery. These tests include: -          Grasping your body fat – if you can do this, the Cosmetic Surgeon recommends a Tummy Tuck instead of Liposuction. -          Checking for folds of skin when you sit down – if this is present, you’ll likely have too much extra skin for Liposuction to be effective. He highlights that rather than intended to be used to aid weight loss, Liposuction is more of a body sculpting and contouring procedure designed to treat stubborn pockets of fat, such as love handles, and fat on thighs and abdomens. The Cosmetic Surgeon goes on to describe who is best suited to Liposuction, saying: “The ideal candidates for liposuction are already within 10 to 15 percent of their ideal body weight.” Finally, Dr Rohrich stresses the importance of understanding and sticking to the lifestyle changes which come about as a part of having Liposuction. “If you have not resolved to maintain a healthy lifestyle after liposuction, then you may not be a good candidate as poor health choices after surgery can completely negate the results.” If you’ve ever contemplated Liposuction surgery, we recommend that you do these simple tests for yourself. If you’re still a good candidate for Liposuction, get in touch with us to book your FREE consultation and find out how we can help you. Do you know someone who has had Liposuction? Were the results what they expected? Let us know on Twitter.