12 June 2014

Theres a whole range of tried and tested ways to help people look younger from spending a fortune on Anti-Ageing creams to embarking on weird and wacky exercise regimes promising a youthful appearance. But theres one particular remedy thats being favoured the world over, in the form of Dermal Fillers with Cosmetic Surgeon, Lawrence Tong, advocating this treatment. There are four main reasons why I believe hyaluronic acid-based Injectable Fillers have continued to be such popular treatments for both men and women over the years, writes the Toronto-based MD in a recent blog post entitled, What Makes HA Injectable Fillers So Popular? Detailing the benefits behind Dermal Fillers, particular points include:
  1. Downtime post-treatment is minimal
  2. Injections are much more affordable as opposed to undergoing Cosmetic Surgery
  3. The results of Dermal Fillers are clear to see in appropriate candidates
  4. Should the patient be unhappy following the treatment, the Filler can simply be dissolved.
Another article posted on Tongs website, HA Injectable Fillers for Men Vs. Women, highlights the most common areas patients request Dermal Fillers for which include the lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds, lower eyelid bags and marionette lines. Additionally, Tong covers how requests for this treatment differ between genders: Typically, men inquiring about HA Injectable Fillers are interested in diminishing signs of aging for work-related purposes, whether its to gain employment or to stay competitive in the workplace among their younger counterparts. For females, the post goes on to say: Women typically request HA Injectable Fillers for a variety of cosmetic reasons, as they are often more cognisant of facial aging and desire to maintain a youthful facial aesthetic for all intents and purposes. Ladies and gentlemen have you considered Dermal Fillers? Wed love to hear your different reasons for doing so! Drop us a tweet on Twitter today.