Cosmetic Surgeon explains what makes the ideal Abdominoplasty candidate

Cosmetic Surgeon explains what makes the ideal Abdominoplasty candidate

16 December 2014

Ever wanted to go for an Abdominoplasty but been too scared to find out the facts? Then let us put your fears to rest – by telling you all you need to know about Tummy Tucks.

A popular Cosmetic Surgical procedure among men and women, an Abdominoplasty is undertaken to minimise the appearance of a bulging, lower stomach. The majority of patients enlist the help of this particular procedure as a result of weight gain, pregnancy and ageing, usually when adopting other methods such as dieting and regular exercise have proved unsuccessful.

So what makes the perfect Abdominoplasty candidate? Patients must be in relatively good shape and not too far off their target weight – then when having their consultation, must be completely honest about their medical history. The Cosmetic Surgeon will consider your medical background and question your health habits, but more importantly, you must be specific in what you would like to achieve through Cosmetic Surgery – helping give your Cosmetic Surgeon a clear idea about what your desired results.

Lastly, the Abdominiplasty procedure generally lasts between two and five hours, dependent on the complexity of the surgery – while partial Abdominoplasty can take anywhere between one hour or two. Under the guidance of an expert Surgeon, you can guarantee an exceptional transformation with an Abdominoplasty.

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