Cosmetic Surgeon: Facelifts don’t have to result in unsightly scars

10 February 2015

Facelift surgery is often undertaken by those looking to reverse the hands of time and look younger. Some people worry though that the scars left behind from the procedure will act as a tell-tale sign of surgery. The good news is, Facelifts don’t have to result in unsightly scars, as one Cosmetic Surgeon explains.

Miami based Dr. Carlos Wolf advises patients to attend a pre-surgery consultation with a specialist to determine whether or not they require surgery. Those who don’t really need a Facelift may well end up with bad scars due to the tension the skin is put under during the procedure.

He explains that well-planned Facelifts involve incisions in the hairline and in the groove between the posterior hairline and ear – doing this allows the skin to be stitched up with minimal tension, resulting in natural-looking results and minimal scarring.

Dr. Wolf urges prospective Facelift patients to ask their Cosmetic Surgeon where the incisions will be placed as well as if they can see any before and after pictures of Facelift patients.

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