27 August 2014

When performing Cosmetic Surgery, best results are often achieved by adapting techniques to the individual needs and goals of the patient in question. Californian Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Charles Perry outlines the three different Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping surgery) techniques he uses to create an aesthetically pleasing shaped ear and to help his patients regain their confidence. The techniques vary depending on the number of incisions used in the procedure and include: Incision-less, Single and Double Incision Otoplasty. Although he uses a different technique to match the needs of the patient, Dr Perry prefers using the Double Incision method as this “often allows for more precise skin removal and cartilage adjustments than single or incision-less surgery” giving a “softer, more natural contour”. The Cosmetic Surgeon describes the ideal Otoplasty candidate as someone who is in good general health, suffers from lacking self-confidence due to the size and shape of their ears, and adopts different behaviour to hide their ears. Whichever technique is used, Dr Perry says that most patients tolerate it well and experience a quick healing process with minimal discomfort. Are you considering Otoplasty surgery? Get in touch with us today on Facebook for more information about this Cosmetic Surgical procedure.