13 June 2014

Appearance plays a big part in our daily lives and as such, were constantly bemoaning a laughter line here or a frown line there. For those of us in our twenties and thirties, ageing may seem like something only our parents and grandparents need to worry about but in actual fact, those early signs can creep up on us sooner than we realise.So how can those of us still in the prime of our youth begin to tackle signs of ageing? Well, one Boston-based Cosmetic Surgeon, Doctor Leonard B. Miller, has recommended a few ways in which 20 and 30-something year olds can do just that. The key for treating early signs of aging and sun damage for younger patients is to utilise more mild, superficial treatments as opposed to ablative or deep resurfacing procedures, he said. Such treatments include the use of topical skincare products, which contain essential skin-boosting vitamins and antioxidants to help delay the initial ageing process. Once wrinkles start to form and evidence of sun damage begins to emerge, Doctor Miller advocates milder Laser treatments to help diminish wrinkles, resolve pigmentation issues, and thicken the skin. He is keen to note however that we shouldnt rely too heavily on these Anti-Ageing solutions and should try wherever possible to avoid excessive exposure to the sun and to regularly use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor in order to prevent premature ageing. What do you do to prevent premature ageing? Send us a tweet with your Anti-Ageing tips.