23 March 2012

Creating a personal plan that fits in with a patient's individual needs is vital, according to an American cosmetic specialist. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr Christine Petti, who runs a practice in Torrance, California, believes selecting the right non-surgical enhancements based on an individual patient's aesthetic goals can save money, reduce recovery time and also any risks associated with the surgical procedures.Dr Petti said an increasing number of patients visiting her practice want non-surgical procedures in an attempt to retain their looks and achieve quality results without having to deal with the longer recovery periods associated with invasive procedures. Botox injections and laser skin resurfacing are two of the most popular options, she said. Industry experts in America have predicted that the popularity of non-surgical cosmetic procedures will continue to increase during 2012. Dr Petti also stressed the importance of consulting a "qualified and dedicated plastic surgeon before undergoing any procedure", irrespective of whether the patient is considering non-surgical work such as a skin peel, or an invasive procedure such as breast enlargement.