Cosmetic Surgeon spills the beans on Botox

20 April 2015

It’s one of the most commonly undertaken Non Surgical treatments – it’s true that Botox is big. Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. John Diaz shares his views on the popular Line & Wrinkle treatment.

Dr. Diaz explains that on average, Botox patients tend to be in their late 20s and early 30s, with an increasing number of men seeking the treatment.

Despite this, he claims there is no typical Botox patient, with people from all demographics looking to erase their unwanted sigs of ageing, from actors and models to waitresses, teachers and secretaries.

He won’t treat every patient though; sometimes a patient will have unrealistic expectations of what this treatment will achieve, or they may be in an unstable life situation – these patients generally do not get approval for the treatment.

A good Botox candidate for Dr. Diaz “must have realistic expectations and be mentally and emotionally stable.”

For those wanting to treat fine lines and wrinkles, there are of course alternative options which may be recommended if the patient is deemed too young for Botox. These include Skin Peels and Laser treatments which work on improving skin tone and skin texture.

When it comes to preventative care, the Doctor offers four tips: adopt a good Skin Care regime, avoid excessive sun exposure and use SPF every day, exercise regularly to stay fit and young-looking, and eat a balanced diet to ensure your body gets the necessary nutrients it needs.

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Image Credit Attribution: targovcom/ iStock/ Thinkstock