Cosmetic surgeon talks 'mummy makeovers'

11 November 2013

Happy timeLosing baby weight can be a long process for many mums, for whom cosmetic surgery is increasingly being seen as a means of getting back their pre-baby body shape. As a result, the so-called 'mummy makeover', a mixture of procedures designed to restore a woman's body after childbirth, is becoming a widely-accepted phenomenon. "Full and mini tummy tucks are the most common type of post baby surgery," said a surgeon who is a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons . "A full tummy tuck removes fat and excess skin from the whole tummy and tightens up the muscles.?"A mini tummy tuck does the same but just for the lower tummy skin. During pregnancy, women can experience what’s known as ‘diastasis recti’ which is when the tummy muscles stretch apart so much that they form two columns with a gap in the middle. Although this condition can be improved with exercise, much of the damage is irreparable without surgery. Other common post-baby surgical procedures include Breast Lifts and Breast Enlargements, to regain the shape of the breasts, and Liposuction. Additionally, many new mums decide to undergo stretch mark revision, a non-invasive fractional laser treatment which improves the appearance of stretch marks. The author of the article on the website advises, however, that surgery should be left until at least six months after giving birth, and only undertaken after the new mum has restarted an exercise regime and resumed eating a healthy diet in order to get back to a stable weight.