30 July 2014

Losing weight can do wonders for your self-esteem, giving you a new lease of life. Sometimes though, you can find yourself left with excess skin that is loose and saggy, which can leave you feeling back at square one. Its people like this who make suitable candidates for skin tightening procedures, according to one Cosmetic Surgeon. Chicago-based Dr Peter Geldner recommends a few different Cosmetic Surgical procedures to help tackle loose, excess skin. These include Breast Lifts, Abdominoplasty, and Thigh Lifts. He explains that breasts can lose volume and shape after excessive weight loss, which is where a Breast Lift can help. He says: A breast lift will raise and firm the breasts, and some patients require implants to improve the shape and size. Abdominoplasty surgery (better known as a Tummy Tuck) can help to resection the loose skin youve been left with following weight loss, achieving a more sculpted, firmer abdomen. Finally, Thigh Lift surgery can be undertaken to remove any excess skin around the thigh area, leaving it tight and smooth. Do you have excess loose skin as a result of dramatic weight loss? Perhaps youve undertaken one of these skin tightening procedures already? Talk to us about your experience on our Facebook page.