04 March 2014

Woman holding breastIts quite common to have one breast that is slightly different to the other, in shape or size. For some women however, this difference can be more extreme. Cosmetic Surgeon Patrick Mallucci has spoken out about the various ways in which women can correct uneven and asymmetrical breasts. He says that a dramatic size difference not only poses problems in terms of finding the right fitting bra, but can also have a deep impact on a womans self-confidence.He adds: I think it becomes significant when youre having to modify the way you dress or the way you fill your bra. To make two identical breasts is perhaps unrealistic. To correct asymmetry you have to try and make them as similar as possible. So depending on the situation it might mean making the smaller one bigger, the bigger one smaller, and it might mean correcting or not correcting things like nipple position and size etc. He recommends one or a combination of surgical procedures to help correct asymmetry. These include Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast Uplift, and Nipple Repositioning. As each patient will differ in terms of breast asymmetry, the exact course of action taken will be tailored for optimum results. When it comes to seeing results, Patrick says: Everybody should be aware or warned that there is a possibility that they may require a second procedure to fine tune or adjust what has been done. With a second operation its about fine-tuning and re-tailoring. -Have you undergone Breast Surgery to improve your self-confidence? Let us know on Facebook.