26 January 2011

The sometimes cloned looks of men and women who have undergone cosmetic surgery have been blamed on the aggressive selling of procedures to clients. A report published today by the compared the remarkably similar features of 24-year-old actress Heidi Montag, and 42-year-old pop sensation Kylie Minogue. In an interview with the online newspaper, cosmetic surgeon Dr Golchin, said: I blame the surgeons who are aggressive in how they sell procedures, and who will give the same features to clients regardless of whether they are aged 25 or 45, and as a result we end up with women who all look the same, and, in some cases, over-done. Dr Golchin also talked of seeing cosmetic nurses with the same massive lips, tiny noses, and huge cheekbones, and advised patients to be aware of being sold procedures. He advised that patients seek medical advice from registered clinics, who would not prescribe one look to all, regardless of what their face looked like to begin with.